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Harmony Homes Avery Place Agent Jennifer Rodriquez

Jennifer Rodriguez

Avery Place and Serenity Place Agent

Growing up in Southern California, and moving to the Las Vegas valley in 2010, I have had the chance to experience two vastly growing markets first hand. My years of work in Property Management is what fueled my passion for Real Estate. On top of that, I studied Business Management at the University of Antelope Valley, with the knowledge gained combined with experience earned has led me to become one of the most innovative Agents in Nevada.

It is my drive that boosts me ahead of the curve. And my enthusiasm for building/maintaining strong relationships and commitment to hard work that keep me there. I strive to be the perfect mixture of being an endearing friend while keeping a professional demeanor; the type of relationship that naturally beseeches word of mouth referrals and return clientele.

My personal life at home is the most special part of my life. Everything I do and strive towards is for my three beautiful children. In fact, when I’m not working, I am taking care of my kids, which is actually my favorite job – being a mother. You can also find me spending some leisure time boating, kickboxing, or on the softball field.

I am a caring go-getter who will fight for you through and through. My passion for success is warming and you can feel a kindhearted connection, even through the professional barrier. Your wants are at the top of my list, and I assure you, it won’t just show, it will shine.


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Jennifer is go-getter who will fight for her clients through and through. Her passion for success is warming and your wants are at the top of her list, and we assure you, it won’t just show, it will shine.